Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a puppy from Kingdom Frenchies?

Here’s a great way to do so:

  1. Find a puppy that you’re interested in on the website and contact the breeder listed with the puppy for any questions you might have.
  2. If you would like to have the puppy held for you, make a deposit online. (Skip to # 5 if you want to arrange puppy travel)
  3. If you want to see a puppy in-person, make an appointment with the breeder. You are certainly welcome to select your puppy this way without a deposit, but please note that availability may change on a daily basis.
  4. If you come and see the puppy, make your purchase and take the puppy home if the puppy is 8 weeks old or older. (Skip to #6, unless you need to arrange travel for your pup.)
  5. Connect with us and we will get the right information to deliver the puppy to you and set up the exact date and time.
  6. Enjoy the new puppy that you have adopted into your family. If you have any questions, please reach out to the breeder for help!


How much is a French Bulldog puppy, and why do the prices on the website vary?

The price depends on the credentials and health testing of the parents and the market demand for Frenchies. Prices also vary widely based special markings and coat color/combinations.


May I come and see the puppies in-person?

Scheduling a visit to meet one of our french bulldog puppies is incredibly simple—all you need to do is call the number listed with your favorite puppy, and we’ll be happy to accommodate you!

This allows you to set up an appointment that fits both your schedule and that of our breeders.

Our french bulldog puppies are all raised by families in the Northeast Ohio area, conveniently located about an hour and a half from both Cleveland and Columbus.

This makes it easy to come visit our puppies and spend time playing with them in a home environment.


How can I get puppy travel arranged if I am out of state?

Even if you live far away from Ohio, it’s still possible to get one of our healthy, family-ready french bulldog puppies to join your family!

In fact, we’ve placed our puppies in almost every state.  Some folks fly to us to pick up their puppies, while others are served through our travel partners and flight nannies.

Check out our puppy travel page here to find out more about how we go the extra mile.


How do you raise your dogs?

When buying french bulldog puppies, the people who bred and raised them can have a big impact on the health and sociability of the dog!

Because of this, we are dedicated to choosing caring, dedicated french bulldog breeders in Ohio who will get your pup started on the right track.

Our small network of breeders in Ohio all are dedicated to the same principles. This starts by providing carefully-planned breedings to ensure the best pedigree for our pups.

They raise healthy, socialized pups that can make a smooth transition to a new home.

(Most of our breeders actually have young children at home who help raise the puppies and play with them so they can become socially adjusted.)

This also allows you to visit our breeders’ homes, so you can interact with the puppies yourself and find the right fit for your home.


How do I leave a review of my French Bulldog experience?

If you would like to leave a review, we are on Google and Facebook:


When are your puppies available?

While we are a small group of highly select breeders, we try to plan to have puppies available year-round. Our site is updated daily so feel free to keep checking back.

If you see a puppy that you might be interested in, click on it for more information, extra photos, and contact information to talk directly with the breeder about any questions you might have or to schedule an appointment.

You can also make a deposit on the puppy’s page to hold it for you.

Can I see the puppies you have available?

Absolutely! Click here to see all our available puppies.


I still have questions. How do I contact you?

No problem. You can reach us on our Contact page.