Goldo G
Goldo G
This is the best experience we have ever had with you guys. Our family recently brought a White/Blue Fawn female Frenchie, and she is so beautiful and cute, so I wanted to give you guys a big thanks for delivering our new dog. We will be recommending you guys so other people buy from you guys. Thank you guys so much, and have a great day!!
Felicia Pegish
Felicia Pegish
I was afraid to get a puppy at first because all the scams going around but took a chance an it was the best decision I did cause I wouldn’t have this beauty now
Chris Massaro
Chris Massaro
Wonderful experience with Kingdom Frenchie’s! James answered all my questions and the delivery was seamless. We love our new beautiful blue baby boy!
Rachael Blois
Rachael Blois
Our family brought this adorable baby girl home and she was instantly a member of the family! We love her so much! Kingdom frenchies is a great site to meet your new frenchie! she was delivered safely to our front door and both kindom frenchies andd the delivery service kept in contact thouout the entire process from purchase to delivery. She came with a guarantee and all her papers. Thank you so much for bringing her to us!
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Frequently Asked Questions About Our French Bulldogs From Ohio

The price of a French bulldog typically ranges from $1,500 to $8,000, depending on how rare the puppy’s coloring.

French bulldogs are expensive due to their high breeding costs, popularity, and the specific health care required during their breeding process. Essentially, they are difficult and costly to breed and raise.

Yes, maintaining a French bulldog can be costly, considering their potential health issues that may require frequent vet visits, specialized diets, and possible surgeries.

Whether to get one or two French bulldogs depends on your capacity to provide enough attention, exercise, and financial resources for maintaining multiple pets.

Choosing between a boy or girl French bulldog often depends on personal preference as both genders can have delightful temperaments.

Temperament can vary significantly within breeds, but generally, female French bulldogs are perceived to be slightly calmer and easier to train than males.

The lifespan of a male French bulldog typically ranges from 10 to 12 years, though this can vary based on health, diet, and overall care.

Both breeds have their health challenges, but English Bulldogs generally face more severe health issues compared to French Bulldogs.

French bulldogs often enjoy being the center of attention but can also get along well with other dogs if properly socialized.

  • "I got my boy from Milan and he’s literally precious. I don’t have kids my dogs are my kids and this little guy is amazing. He gets along with everything and anything potty trained so fast and crate trained. And he’s about 27 pounds at 7 months now!"

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